Maggie’s Books was founded in June of 2018 by owner Sara Rinne.  Sara is a native of Montrose, Colorado and a lifetime book lover.  A career librarian, Sara worked for the Denver Public Library before moving back to her hometown in 2008 to work for the Montrose Regional Library.  Over the next ten years, Sara developed a keen understanding of Montrose as a reading community, and developed firsthand knowledge of how much Montroseians like to read. (Hint: it’s a LOT!)

Sara is uniquely attuned to the population she serves through her store, having both a comprehensive understanding of Montrose’s history as well as a forward-thinking perspective on Montrose’s future.  Montrose was lacking a bookstore, and, to Sara, this was unacceptable.  She feels every town needs a bookstore, and Sara knew she had the skills and energy to make one happen.  Thus, Maggie’s was born.  While owning a bookstore is a dream for Sara, she likes to emphasize that the store is intended to serve the community as a whole, and she loves to hear feedback and suggestions from her customers.

The store is named for Sara’s ornery, but loveable, brown lab, Maggie.  On some days, you might spot Maggie in the bookstore.  She is usually looking out the window wagging her tail at passersby.  Or take a look at the store’s logo – Maggie is featured balancing a stack of books on her head (a feat that is purely fiction).

Stop in the store and say hello to Sara!  She loves to talk about Montrose and its unique history and attributes.  She would also love to tell you about the book she is currently reading and hear about your favorites too!

 Maggie the Chocolate Lab